Eric Reh

"Wildlife", interdisziplinary room installation (exhibition views), Offenbach 2021

"Oh, hello", Oil stick, pigments on birch multiplex, 2021

"Brett", Pyrography on birch multiplex, 52 x 36 x 1,5 cm, 2021 ("Wildlife" exhibition view)

"Multipersonell", Birch Multiplex, 2021

The interdisciplinary room installation "Wildlife" includes 42 pieces, made from different materials using different techniques. Various drawings on different surfaces can be found, as well as painterly works on linen or cotton and sculptural works made of wood or clay.
The work "Wildlife" was created in connection with my diploma at the HfG Offenbach and includes a practical part - the room installation,and a theoretical part. Many pieces were created rather intuitively while working on the theoretical examination of the relationship between nature and culture and the occupation with different ideas and interpretations of nature. Indigenous tribes and peoples, especially from South America, Siberia, and Asia, occupy an important position here, expanding the community of subjects - including animals, plants, spirits, and sometimes landscapes, and living with them empathetically.
The idea of separation of man/culture and nature in "Western" thinking, its cultural-historical classification, and its contradiction represents another focus in that debate. In this context, it is also about how we perceive and interpret our environment and how Interpretation varies with time and culture.